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Composite industries now is growing so fast in middle east so 15 years ago founders of the group noticed this issue and started to work on composites raw materials and machinery along with technology transfer that righ now made Marketing Pole Group one of well known companies in this feild.

we can supply glass and basalt fibers as :

* Yarn

* Rovings

* Chopps

* Fabrics ( CSM, WR,Tissue)

all machinery that we supply can include technology transfer and you can consider us as one of reliable sources for supplying :

* Complete plant for producing Glass Fiber & basalt Fiber

* Continuous filamentw inding complete plant

* Discontinuous filament winding plant, vertical and horizontal type from    2 to 6 axis

* Wind Blade Technology

* Prepreg ( Glass and Carbon )

* Sheet Molding Compound

* Pultrusion and Pulwinding

* Autoclave

* Chopped Strand Mat production line